Our spaces

Our reception areas allow you to host your professional and private events and can be adapted to all types of requirements: Seminars, breakfasts, lunches, dinners, meetings or cocktail parties.

Some of our superb lounges can be extended by opening access to the veranda, thus creating a very special atmosphere for your event.

Le Salon Cassis

30 m2
Max 40 people
Class 15
U 15
Cabaret 40
Conference 40

Le Salon Antibes

140 m2
Max 120 people
HSP: 2.05
Theatre 120
Class 80
U 60
Cabaret 100
Conference 100

Le Salon Biarritz

160 m2
Max 160 people
HSP: 2.22
Cocktail 250
U 60
Banquet 150
Conference 150

Le Salon Monaco

165 m2
Max 100 people
HSP: 2.97
Theatre 180
Class 120
U 45
Cabaret 120
Conference 100

Le Salon Deauville

200 m2
Max 300 people
Banquet 200
Cocktail 300

Le Salon Cannes

29 m2
Max 20 people
Conference 20
Class 12
U 15

La Verrière

Two superb spaces are at your disposal for your summer or large-scale events, in the heart of a typically Parisian district.
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